​​Logistics/Inventory Occupational Information

Coordinate and expedite the flow of work and materials within or between departments of an establishment according to production schedules.  Implement methods for managing warehousing and moving goods by air, rail, sea, or road, including the relative costs and benefits.


Occupation Overview

  • Develop business relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Work to understand customers’ needs and how to meet them
  • Direct the allocation of materials, supplies, and finished products
  • Design strategies to minimize the cost or time required to move goods
  • Review the success of logistical functions and identify areas for improvement
  • Present performance data to management
  • Propose improvements to management and customers
  • Stay current on advances in logistics technology and incorporate new technologies into procedures


Wages and Trends

Average Annual Job Openings Due To​ ​ ​Entry WageMedian Wage
​11-3071Trans., Storage &
Distribution Managers

​43-10111st-Line Supervisors/
Managers, Office &
Administrative Support
Workers (Shipping & Receiving Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Import Coordinator)
​13-1081​Logisticians (Logistics Coordinator, Logistics Planner, Logistics Analyst)
​43-5071​Shipping, Receiving, & Traffic Clerks (Shipping & Receiving Manager)
​43-5061​Production, Planning, & Expediting Clerks (Production Planner, Production Scheduler)

Note:  Occupational wage information provided in this table is a statewide average for Illinois.  Wages may vary across regions within Illinois.

​Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrates understanding of global supply chain logistics life cycle
  • Understands logistics environment
  • Recognizes material handling equipment
  • Understands safety principles
  • Understands and applies safe material handling and equipment operation
  • Recognizes quality control principles
  • Demonstrates effective workplace communications
  • Demonstrates teamwork and workplace behavior to solve problems
  • Demonstrates proficient use of computers
  • Understands principles of product receiving
  • Understands appropriate product storage requirements
  • Demonstrates proficiency at order processing
  • Recognizes packaging and shipment requirements and options
  • Demonstrates familiarity with inventory control practices
  • Demonstrates competence with safe handling of hazmat materials
  • Evaluates transportation modes and options
  • Demonstrates familiarity with dispatch and tracking practices
  • Demonstrates proficiency with measurements and metric conversions

Logistics/Inventory Videos

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