​Mechatronics (Equipment Service and Repair) Occupational Information

Research, design, develop, repair or test automated, intelligent systems, smart devices, or industrial systems control.


Occupation Overview

  • Install, fix, and maintain machines in factories
  • Work alone most of the time
  • Often wear protective gear such as earplugs and work boots
  • May work overtime and weekends
  • Train on the job or through apprenticeship programs
  • Often work for car manufacturers

Machine RepairWages and Trends

Average Annual Job Openings Due To​ ​ ​Entry WageMedian Wage
Elec. Repairers-Commercial/Industrial
​49-9041​Industrial Machinery Mechanics
​49-9043​Maintenance Workers, Machinery
​49-9071​Maintenance & Repair Workers, General

Note:  Occupational wage information provided in this table is a statewide average for Illinois.  Wages may vary across regions within Illinois.

​Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Identify different careers available in the Industrial Maintenance field. 
  • Describe physical properties of a variety of equipment used in the workplace including:  force, torque, simple machine, and mechanical drives. 
  • Utilize effective, safety-enhancing workplace practices in multiple sites.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of safe and proper use of tools/supplies required to diagnose/repair a malfunction in the workplace.
  • Employ a systematic approach to troubleshooting. Prepare an effective repair solution for a scenario based upon an industrial equipment system failure/problem/complaint.
  • Interpret basic fundamentals of blueprints, mechanical drawings, designs, sketches, layout drawings, plans, specifications, shop drawings, service and repair manuals, and schematics used in industrial maintenance.
  • Demonstrate the fundamentals of industrial fluid power which includes pneumatics, hydraulics, and electrical theory.
  • Identify and demonstrate proper use of different types of basic electrical testing equipment.  
  • Understand how electricity is produced and the physics behind it such as voltage, amperage, resistance, and power.  

Mechatronics Videos

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