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​​** indicates resources coming soon.  Additional resources that are not listed will be listed as the program is implemented.

Outreach and Eligibility Materials



Instructions and Presentation Materials


  • Accelerated Training Options PowerPoint (PDF)
  • Archived Workforce Innovation Fund Regional Partnership Information (Website)
  • Assessment Overview Webinar PPT July 15, 2013 (PDF)
  • ATIM Big Picture Webinar PPT August 28, 2013 (PDF)
  • ATIM Eligibility Entry Instructions (PDF)
  • ATIM Model Infographic (JPG)
  • ATIM Update and Application Demonstration Webinar PPT August 13, 2013 (PDF)
  • Career Plan Webinar PPT September 11, 2013 (PDF)
  • Classroom Training & Nationally Recognized Certifications Webinar PPT September 17, 2013 (PDF)
  • Creating Personalized Training Plans Webinar PPT September 16, 2013 (PDF)
  • Dashboard and Reporting Tools Webinar PPT October 23, 2013 (PDF)
  • DCEO Presentation to Employers in LWIA 23 - Enhancing Profits by Improving Access to Skilled Workers May 14, 2015 (PDF)
  • Eligibility/Team Review Webinar PPT September 25, 2013 (PDF)
  • Follow-up & Reporting Webinar PPT September 18, 2013 (PDF)
  • Identifying Eligible ATIM Participants Webinar PPT September 5, 2013 (PDF)
  • Job Forecasting/Job Posting and Placements Webinar PPT October 2, 2013 (PDF)
  • Managing Employer Partnerships Webinar PPT September 10, 2013 (PDF)
  • Maximize Results Through Fast Track Training Solutions Webinar PPT October 9, 2013 (PDF)
  • Optimal Resume Builder PowerPoint (PDF)
  • Personalized Training and Employment Plan Webinar PPT October 16, 2013 (PDF)
  • Refresher and Updates on Random Assignment Webinar PPT September 23, 2013 (PDF)
  • Training Webinar Schedule (PDF)
  • Workforce Partner Topic Message Archive


Training and Work Experience Materials


  • Adult Education Bridge/ Accelerating Opportunity (AO) Programs (PDF)
  • ATIM Team Guide for Creating and Using Personalized Training & Employment Plans (PDF)
  • ATIM Personalized Training and Employment Plan Roles and Access (PDF)
  • Bridge Programs - Creating a Successful Bridge Program:  "HowTo"  (PDF)
  • Bridge Programs - Shifting Gears Building Bridges for Success
  • DOL Competency Model for Advanced Manufacturing (PDF)
  • Manufacturing Core Competencies Guide (PDF)
  • Manufacturing Programs of Study (PDF)
  • MMSC Certified Instructors in Illinois (PDF)
  • MSSC Table (PDF)
  • Forecast and Openings Worksheets (PDF)
  • OJT Contract Template (Word)
  • Online Professional Development Training Opportunities:  Transitioning Through Adult Education (PDF)
  • Set Up Teams and Create a Personalized Training and Employment Plan (PDF)
  • Statewide Manufacturing Bridge Curriculum
  • Southern Illinois Professional Development Center's May 2014 Training information (PDF)
  • WBL/Jobs Forecast and Openings Instructions (PDF)


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